Top Tips


  • Take a few precautions to help prevent damage and make it easier to find things later.
  • Wood pallets are provided at the Budget Storage office for extra protection of your goods. They are especially good for storing your cloth items on, ie: box spring and mattress, etc.
  • Add bay leaves to boxes to ward off most insects and household pests.


  • When choosing a storage unit, factor in a little more room than your belongings take up in order to allow everything to fit. Nothing worse than finding your unit is too small.
  • Purchase a secure, high quality lock. One of the most highly recommended is the disc lock, which is available for purchase in the Budget Storage office in Coeur d’Alene.
  • Any type of vehicle may be stored in the unit to free up space in your garage. Please provide a copy of registration or title to prove ownership.

No matter how small or big your self storage unit is, make sure that you keep it organized and in order at all times. You must treat your rented space just like any part of your home. It won’t be easy to find a specific item if the unit is messy and chaotic. You might spend hours searching every nook and cranny without ever finding the thing that you’re looking for.

Thank you for storing with Budget Storage. We appreciate your business!