Self-Storage Tips

  • When choosing a storage unit, factor in a little more room than your belongings take up in order to allow everything to fit. There is nothing worse than finding your unit is too small.
  • Purchase a secure, high quality lock. One of the most highly recommended is the disc lock, which is available for purchase in the Budget Storage office in Coeur d’Alene.
  • Any type of vehicle may be stored in the unit to free up space in your garage. Please provide a copy of registration or title to prove ownership.
  • TIP-TOE IS A NO-NO -- Only bad things can happen when you’re tempted to over-reach. Keep a folding stepstool inside your storage unit for accessing items stored above your head.
  • For easier access, try to leave an aisle down the center of the unit. Leave approximately 1” space between walls and boxes for better ventilation.
  • Number your boxes on several sides and keep an inventory of the contents of each box, listed by number, in a separate binder. Store the binder in a safe place at home should you ever need it.
  • Think creatively and you’ll make the most of your storage space.